25 June 2019, 18:30

Ukraine’s deputation to PACE tends to hold up its work in the assembly amid body of pro-Russian sentiments

25 June 2019, 12:00

Committees round-up: Daily

24 June 2019, 13:00

Lviv hosts a forum of Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council

22 June 2019, 16:30

First vice speaker urges Ukraine-wide network of rehab centres for soldiers in postbattle hours

21 June 2019, 16:00

Friday’s plenary sessions are over

20 June 2019, 19:00

In future cooperation with INTOSAI Chairman pushes to the fore applying int’l experience in financial control and combating graft and venality

20 June 2019, 18:30

Thursday’s plenary sessions are over

20 June 2019, 12:25

I.Herashchenko asserts UA-EU laws are to ‘run in double harness’ aiming to prevent, counteract and effectively investigate sexual offences

11 July 2016

Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government recommends Ukrainian Parliament adopt draft law "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine" (as to voluntary unification of territorial communities) as a basis

02 June 2016

"We return to Ukrainian right on truth". Speech of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

30 May 2016

"The adoption of Law of Ukraine" On the Judicial System and Status of Judges" gives a chance to reach end of judicial reform" - the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrii Parubii

25 June 2019

Committees round-up: Daily

24 June 2019

Lviv hosts a forum of Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council

22 June 2019

First vice speaker urges Ukraine-wide network of rehab centres for soldiers in postbattle hours

21 June 2019

Friday’s plenary sessions are over

20 June 2019

Thursday’s plenary sessions are over

19 June 2019

Committees round-up: Daily

19 June 2019

Wednesday’s plenary session is over

18 June 2019

Tuesday’s plenary sessions are over



19 November 2018, 17:30

News of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, №13, November 12-18, 2018

( Information Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Secretariat )


First vice-speaker takes part in a meeting of the Regional Development Council in Kyiv

Оn 12 November 2018, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko participated in a sitting of the Regional Development Council. The event was chaired by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and with the Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Hroisman, central executives and representatives of local self-government who were also in attendance.

After the speeches of the top officials which advocated further decentralization reform, Iryna Herashchenko assured those present that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine would remain a reliable partner to continue implementing the said reform. The First Vice-Speaker supported the need for appropriate amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, which would facilitate the further implementation of the decentralization reform.

"Parliamentarians ought to consider these important proposals during the next two plenary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. They also have to consider the draft law No.8051 "On principles of the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine," emphasized I. Herashchenko. She then added: "If anything, the local authorities have highlighted the importance of this bill - it is the parliament's task for the next session week to consider it over in the chamber".

The First Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko thanked the First Lady Maryna Poroshenko for her weighty contribution in the development of inclusive education.

“All people are of equal rights and on the same footing are entitled to acquire education and social support,” observed I.Herashchenko.

 Chairman Parubiy calls on to launch a joint regional center to fight Russia’s hybrid aggression

Оn 13 November 2018, in the framework of the 9th Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy took part in a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Saulius Skvernelis. The meeting was also attended by the Lithuanian Seimas’s Speaker Viktoras Pranckietis and the Polish Sejm Marshal Stanislav Karchevsky.

During his speech, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy thanked the Prime Minister of Lithuania and the whole Lithuanian people for their sustained support of Ukraine. A. Parubiy emphasized Lithuania’s humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In particular, he noted that 221 Ukrainian soldiers-participants of the Donbas war have so far received rehabilitation in Lithuania.

The Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine called on the parties to "develop a common strategy for the protection of information security and cyber security", since the Russian aggressor is waging a war "for hearts and minds" of compatriots.

The Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliamentcalled on Poland and Lithuania to deepen cooperation in the field of energy security. A.Parubiy also considers to be "a very promising, timely and necessary the idea to create aregional center for counteracting the  Russian hybrid aggression".

"We will be able there to jointly develop security strategies in various spheres, and this is the platform whereto the parliaments should involve their national governments," summed up the Chairman A.Parubiy.

Speaker Parubiy names Lithuanian triple assembly to be sure platform for providing both regional and global security

Оn 13 November 2018, while in Lithuania with his working visit, the Chairman appeared before the Lithuanian Seimas at its plenary sitting.

The Chairman called it to be symbolic that his speech came immediately after the Parliament of Lithuania demonstrated its support to Ukraine for the umpteenth time. "It is very symbolic and typical that Lithuania is one of the first to give its voice in support of Ukraine," he said.

A.Parubiy reminded that this year Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland would see the centenary of revival of the states, and noted that during those hundred years Ukraine has felt the same support of Lithuania at each historical stage.

The Chairman underlined that Lithuania has always been an example in the liberation struggle for independence.

On behalf of Ukraine and all Ukrainians, the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament expressed profound gratitude to the Lithuanians "for the firm and reliable support we have experienced for all those hundred years and feel during the last five years of our struggle".

“The resolution that we have adopted today reminds us that the struggle goes on, the enemy is the same, and we have to continue the fight for our independence. Ukrainians are waging this war today with arms in hands, defending their independence. Every day our frontline soldiers stand on the defensive, risking their lives. We hear about deaths of our men and all the fights that go across the line of delimitation, the fights against one of the most powerful armies of the world and indeed the most powerful army on the continent. Nevertheless, I am proud to say – Ukrainian soldiers do firmly stand today on their positions, rebuffing strongly all attacks and provocations," said the Chairman of the Parliament.

A.Parubiy pointed out that the Ukraine-Poland-Lithuania Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, with its wide and comprehensive discussions over algorithms of ensuring information, energy and economic security, is intended to provide security for "both our countries and the whole free world".

"And we have not failed to demonstrate our position, not only as individual states, but also as the united standpoint of the entire region, the space of freedom for the countries that border the Russian Federation, the countries which are today the "shield of Europe", protecting the free world from Putin Russia’s aggression every day,” he stressed and added: “This is our strength and that is the key to our victory".


A.Parubiy: Combined, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine frame “hacksaw ridge” of freedom to shield both themselves and Europe in general

Оn 13 November 2018, in his joint press conference appearance, the Verkhovna Rada Chairman A.Parubiy, in concert with the Lithuanian and Polish speakers, expressed gratitude to all the conferees for their pro-grade and upscale work resulted at the end in signing a final document which seems to be a road map for further interaction between the three co-acting forces.

“Barely it has been by pure luck that 80 per cent of this document makes safety, security, defence and energy issues, in which we have found a very deep understanding," said A. Parubiy.

The resolution on further establishment of a security committee the Verkhovna Rada Chairman called "a decision of highest importance”. The body is thought to “accumulate” all the security threats on stream to date to be then dealt with.

"Our countries are well aware what the cost of failure is when they cannot protect their freedom. Therefore, one should not believe that Russia would become democratic tomorrow," he said.  – What indeed we need to believe in is that we shall make our security and defence so strong and powerful that there will be no chance - either for Putin or anyone else to encroach upon and have a chance over our independence".


 First vice-speaker calls for TCG’s extra meeting to settle the detainee question with utmost despatch

On November 13, the Ukrainian representative in the TCG’s humanitarian sub-group I.Herashchenko participated in a roundtable discussion on the rights of Ukrainian detainees in the SRDLO (separate regions of the Donetsk-Luhansk oblasts - the temporarily occupied territories of the Donbas), organized by the Ukrainian ombudsman’s secretariat.

Speaking to the debaters, she stressed the Kremlin-instigated so-called “elections” held in the SRDLO on November 11, have significantly entangled the peaceful negotiating process. As per her, Russia does hanker for legitimizing the so-called “republics” in order to make Kyiv to direct negotiations with the SRDLO’s puppets, that – it has been underlined – goes against the Minsk accords, stipulating solely for a trilateral dialogue. She also accentuated other risks the so-called "elections" might bring - in particular, escalation at the front line and a serious destabilization of the security and political situation - as it had been in 2014.

The First Deputy Chairperson also observed that Russia seeks to destabilize the political situation in Ukraine in the build-up to presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019.

The politician called for an extra meeting of the TCGroup to discuss the illicit Donbas “elections”.

Iryna Herashchenko clued up that releasing the hostages and the Kremlin’s political prisoners had been also blocked fast among other important issues at stake. Ukraine has received from Russians no response to its numerous detainee swap offers (including the teenagers seized in 2016) for two years. The Ukrainian side is ready to pardon sixty and odd separatists against the release of Ukrainian military and civilian detainees in the occupied Donbas.


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine hosts 40th Annual Forum of Parliamentarians for Global Action

On November 16-17, Kyiv sees the 40th Annual Forum of Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and the 10th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law (CAP-ICC)

The event is attended by Ukrainian and foreign parliamentarians, representatives of central executive authorities and public organizations of Ukraine.

The first sessional day (November the 16th) of the forum takes place at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Hryhorii Nemyria, Head of the Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations of the Ukrainian Parliament, Chief of the Organizing Committee of the PGA annual forum opened the sitting. He warmly welcomed the guests on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The participants were then addressed by PGA President Hon. Margareta Cederfelt, MP, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE-PA. She spoke of PGA’s activities on ensuring responsibility for international crimes and the rule of law. Past deliberations of the CAP-ICC subsequently informed and inspired initiatives of several hundred lawmakers which led, as of today, to the ratification of the Rome Statute by 77 out of the current 123 states parties and to the domestic implementation by 36 states, she said. M.Cederfelt expressed her hope that Ukraine would ratify this statute in the near future.

The speaker also noted that PGA brings together some 1,300 members from 142 parliaments and provides information and mobilization of parliamentarians worldwide to ensure the advancement and advocacy of human rights, including rule of law and gender equality.

Afterwards, Dmytro Storozhuk, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, noted in his speech that PGA’s long-term activity aimed at protection of human rights and societal security, advocacy of the rule of law is unique.  

The chamber also saw Hugues Mingarelli, EU Ambassador to Ukraine and Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. He spoke about the Russian aggression against Ukraine resulted in thousands of victims and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, which must be punished for sure. For this purpose the Rome Statute can be used as an effective tool in the fight against impunity.  This is extremely important for Ukraine, which has once again faced an external military aggression.

“I would like to convince you that the EU is on the Ukrainian side in the process of implementing reforms that have been extremely effective over the last 4 years,” stressed the politician in conclusion.

More speeches were then delivered by Hryhorii Nemyria, head of the Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations, O-Gon Kwon, the President of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court andMarc Perrin de Brichambaut, Vice-President of the International Criminal Court, a judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague and a former Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.


PGA members grant O.Sentsov DDA award for protection of democracy

Parliamentarians for Global Action awarded Oleh Sentsov with a prize for protection of democracy and tireless fight for the rights of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia

The award ceremony took place in Kyiv within the frame of the 40th Annual Forum of Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and the 10th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law (CAP-ICC) on November 16-17.

“I am honoured to open today’s award ceremony. Our parliamentary net that brings together participants from over 142 countries, sticks to our tradition to grant awards for protection of democracy and human rights,” stressed PGA President Hon. Margareta Cederfelt, MP, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE-PA (Sweden).

The “Defender of Democracy Award” (DDA) was handed over to Oleh Sentsov’s close friend Yevhen Chernikov, an actor.

“In his letter to me, Oleh wrote that heaps of words for freedom are worth little against a deed to attain to it. I call you on to help free Oleh. He strives to let the world know what is actually going on between Russia and Ukraine, how many Ukrainians became Russia’s political prisoners,” said he.


Ukraine in 64th NATO PA annual session in Halifax: Weekend’s round-up

On November 17, the First Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko together with Iryna Friz, Head of the Permanent Parliamentary Delegation to NATO, and other members of the Ukrainian Parliament, as part of the delegation took part in the 64th Annual Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Halifax, Canada.

They met briefly with Rasa Jukneviciene, the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and thanked for her joint Donbas visit on November 9 with the Ukrainian Parliament Chairman A.Parubiy to see the town of Shyrokyne on the line of delimitation or - the clash line.

“Your visit has flagged we are at one in our struggle. From the Assembly’s side, this is a sizeable support to our fight for restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,” underlined I.Herashchenkko at the end of the meeting with R. Jukneviciene.

The NATO Halifax session (November 17-20) is to review a variety of resolutions, including those relating to Russia’s external policy.

“We hanker after thorough documenting all the threats Russia brings against Ukraine - starting from holding the sham election in the occupied Donbas and ending with the militarization processes over the Crimea accompanied with escalation of the conflict around the Sea of Azov - in appropriate resolutions of NATO,” emphasized Iryna Herashchenko.