28 January 2022, 16:53

Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk sent letters to US Senators and thanked them for the bipartisan support of Ukraine

27 January 2022, 19:00

Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Olena Kondratiuk thanked the Polish Sejm for adopting the resolution in support of Ukraine

26 January 2022, 19:15

"The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine remains committed to the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU," Ruslan Stefanchuk

26 January 2022, 08:45

Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Olena Kondratiuk met with Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Croats outside the Republic of Croatia Zdravka Busic

25 January 2022, 16:00

Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olena Kondratiuk had a telephone conversation with Vice-Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Ryszard Terletsky

25 January 2022, 13:00

The Parliament of Ukraine will send an address to the UN, the European Parliament, foreign governments and parliaments regarding the inadmissibility of military blackmail of Ukraine by the Russian Federation

25 January 2022, 09:15

Oleksandr Korniyenko, "As a sign of support, the Parliaments of friendly countries should adopt appeals to international organizations and institutions regarding the security threat posed by the Russian Federation's attempts to escalate the armed conflict on the border with Ukraine"

25 January 2022, 09:00

Oleksandr Korniyenko: Thanks to NATO's systemic assistance, Ukraine's defense capabilities are being strengthened

24 September 2021

Adopted the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine 'On State Awards of Ukraine'"

07 September 2021

Adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On Industrial Parks’ aimed at attracting investment in the industrial sector of the economy by introducing incentives in industrial parks”

02 July 2021

Adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Status of Garrison and Security Services of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

24 January 2022

The Committees on Ukraine's Integration into the EU and on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation addressed a letter to the Bundestag

21 January 2022

Ukraine-UAE Interparliamentary Relations Group of the Verkhovna Rada condemns attack on UAE territory, claimed by 'Ansar Allah'

20 January 2022

Oleksandr Merezhko, Head of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Interparliamentary Cooperation, met with a delegation of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, chaired by Thomas Tugendhat, Head of the Committee

18 January 2022

Chair of the Committee on Ukraine's Integration into the EU Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze took part in the extraordinary joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Security and Defense of the European Parliament

18 January 2022

Head of the Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Oleksandr Merezhko met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine Georgy Zakarashvili

30 December 2021

The Verkhovna Rada’s Committees on Ukraine's Integration into the EU and on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation thanked European Partners for Ukraine's Support

17 December 2021

Results of the plenary week 14-17/12/21

16 December 2021

Results of the plenary meeting 16/12/21



08 July 2007, 18:21

Plenary Meeting of the 16th Annual Session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

At the beginning of the meeting the parliament members listened to the report by the OSCE PA Special Representative Anne-Marie Lizin (Belgium) on Guantanamo issue. She reported in detail about the situation in Guantanamo prison.

Special Representative mentioned active discussion concerning the prospects of Guantanamo and prisoners´ detention there that is being held in the USA. A part of the discussion participants call for leaving everything unchanged. Another part calls for transferring the prisoners to civil prisons in countries of their origin.

A.Lizin commented on reduction in the number of Guantanamo prisoners. They were transferred to other prisons. According to her words, eighty prisoners are liable to being transferred to civil prisons, but there are no conditions for that.

The reporter also stated that some of the prisoners are kept in detention in the USA FBI secret prisons.    

A.Lizin mentioned her appeal to the officials of the OSCE participating States concerning their opinion on transferring Guantanamo prisoners to civil prisons in countries of their origin. She reported a small number of affirmative replies.

Special Representative confirmed the OSCE attitude towards closing the Guantanamo prison. According to her speech, its existence only hampers the fight against terrorism and remains, in a way, a negative symbol of this fight.

The reporter stated that the OSCE PA will proceed with pressure on the USA aimed at closing of the Guantanamo prison.

In their reports, the representatives of parliamentary delegations deeply appreciated activity of Special Representative. According to their words, the Report provided a clear answer to the question "What is happening there?" The reports comprised criticism at the tolerance for functioning of this prison on the part of the USA.

The OSCE parliament members called for fight against such instances of undemocracy as functioning of Guantanamo prison, where oppression and torture of prisoners are still taking place.  

Then Parliamentary Assembly participants listened to the report on fight against terrorism by P.Kammenos (Greece), OSCE PA Special Representative. He dwelled on the measures taken within the fight against terrorism, emphasizing their insufficiency.

Special Representative reminded of the UNO SC Resolution on Fight against Terrorism.

The reporter called on all the parliament members for cooperation in the issues concerning elimination of motives for terrorism on the national level, taking effective measures in prevention of terrorism instances, timely exchange of information.

P. Kammenos suggested forming a database on the issues concerning fight against terrorism and called on the delegations representatives for furtherance of concluding bilateral agreements between the countries which he considers to be an effective means for elimination of this negative phenomenon.

Special Representative stated that new threats require nowadays new type of thinking and new methods of terrorism counteraction. P. Kammenos emphasized the necessity of considering the elimination of motives for terrorism. He also called on OSCE PA Special Representative for assistance in forming of national legislation concerning this issue in the participating States.

 P. Kammenos dwelled on appropriate financial and technical support required for implementation of actions and methods for fight against terrorism.

Special Representative also expressed expectations that OSCE PA will pay much attention to the issue of fight against terrorism, since this phenomenon impends not only over the OSCE participating States, but also over the whole world. 

The representatives of delegations appreciated the report by Special Representative and emphasized inefficiency of terrorism counteraction. Therefore, this issue should be taken into consideration in future.

The parliament members called for limitation of terrorism financing sources, especially those from drug traffic.  

The reporters stated that the OSCE PA should always pay attention to the issue concerning fight against terrorism, since it threatens not only particular countries, but also world community. 

Then the participants of the meeting listened to the report by the Afghanistan delegation representative. He dwelled on the situation in his country, on the problems concerning security, development and enhancement of democracy, faced by the Afghanistan people. He stated that Taliban is still threatening Afghanistan.

Afghanistan representative appealed to the OSCE for assistance in development of security system in the country.

The representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Permanent Delegation in the OSCE PA Oleh Bilorus presented his report at the plenary meeting. In his speech he dwelled on several problems and long-term issues of the Organization activity. O. Bilorus stated that the OSCE PA will work in the age of globalization and post-industrialization which requires new approaches to the challenges of time.

O. Bilorus deems important the issues of security, especially energy security. He also called for observance of Helsinki Accords and their revision at PA meetings in future.

O. Bilorus also has expectation that the Kyiv Declaration will introduce new opportunities in the activity of the OSCE PA. 

Ukrainian representative stated that the OSCE PA should develop new methods for successful solution of impending problems.

The representatives of the parliamentary delegations took part in joint discussion. They noted urgency and importance of the issues considered during the session, and expressed their concept of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in the future. The reporters suggested considering the issues they regard as urgent at the next sessions. After the reports of the parliamentary delegations representatives the plenary meeting was closed.