26 February 2020, 18:17

Vekhovna Rada holds IPTAC Coordination meeting

26 February 2020, 17:11

VRada’s speaker holds a seminal meeting with Estonian foreign minister U.Reinsalu, aiming to boost mutual cooperation on the global scene shortly

26 February 2020, 16:45

Dmytro Razumkov meets Estonian defence minister J. Luik

26 February 2020, 15:45

VRU Chairman meets his colleague from Estonia’s Riigikogu H. Polluaas

26 February 2020, 13:15

D.Razumkov at “e-Estonia” admin centre, sharing his vision of how to build e-Ukraine before long

25 February 2020, 20:01

Speaker D.Razumkov in a friendly meeting with Estonian President K.Kaljulaid

25 February 2020, 16:45

D.Razumkov’s visit to Estonia starts on February 25

25 February 2020, 15:00

VRU speaker D.Razumkov, Latvian President E. Levits exchanging views over deeper cooperation between two states

27 August 2019

Speaker briefs on Rada-3 touch key developments

11 July 2016

Verkhovna Rada Committee on State Building, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government recommends Ukrainian Parliament adopt draft law "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine" (as to voluntary unification of territorial communities) as a basis

02 June 2016

"We return to Ukrainian right on truth". Speech of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

26 February 2020

Vekhovna Rada holds IPTAC Coordination meeting

25 February 2020

VRada’s speaker meets Latvian premier and invites him to visit Ukraine amidst talks on deeper mutual cooperation

24 February 2020

O.Kondratiuk, K.Szczerski (Poland) in talks over vital points of bilateral relations

24 February 2020

Ukraine-Poland PA meeting slated for late March in Warsaw

21 February 2020

Committees round-up: Daily

21 February 2020

Vice speaker O.Kondratiuk makes for Poland with her working visit

21 February 2020

VRU delegation partakes in 19th OSCE PA Winter Meeting, Vienna

21 February 2020

Friday’s morning session



06 September 2019, 22:00

Committees round-up: Daily

( Information Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Secretariat )

There are /// /// bodies in focus of our committee scan today:


Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management

The сommittee recommended to take it as a basis the draft bill No.2059 on criminal liability for the illegal extraction of amber or its smuggling through the Ukrainian customs border. The bill was submitted by President Zelenskyi as urgent and reviewed on September 6 at a sitting of the committee. The paper is drawn up to boost countering illegal extraction and smuggling of amber and to stop up the legislative loopholes.


Committee on Rules of Procedure, Parliamentary Ethics and Administration of Verkhovna Rada’s Work

The committee considered a number of parliamentarians’ applications regarding their election to the committees. The following MPs were reviewed, in particular: Hryb V.O., Shpenov D.Yu., Yatsenko A.V., Novynskyi V.V., Bakunets P.A., Mahera S.V., Mahomedov M.S., Trebushkin R.V., Shentsev D.O., Larin S.M., Tsyba T.V., Hryshyn Yu.M., Ostapenko A.D., Kalaur I.R., Rudenko O.S., and Shtepa S.S.

A.M. Kovalenko’s (MP) application on resigning her MP position was also examined by the committeemen.


Committee on Environmental Policy and Nature Management

The body budded off six subsidiary sub-committees, framed their remits and picked out the heads. The corresponding decision was made at a recent meeting of the committee. The sub-committees are as follows:

1.     Sub-committee on Protection and Wise Use of Mineral and Water Resources – headed by Zinovii  Andriiovych (MP).  Subcommitteemen: Zadorozhnyi Andrii, Nesterenko Kyryll, Ovchynnykova Yuliia, Proshchuk Eduard, Yakymenko Pavlo.

2.     Sub-committee on Forest Resources, Wild Fauna and Flora, Natural Landscapes and Objects of Nature Reserve Fund – headed by Ovchynnykova Yuliia.  Subcommitteemen:   Andriiovych Zinovii, Kryvosheiev Ihor, Labunska Anzhelika, Proshchuk Eduard.

3.     Sub-committee on State Environmental Monitoring – headed by Yakymenko Pavlo (MP). Subcommitteemen: Labunska Anzhelika, Nesterenko Kyryll, Ovchynnykova Yuliia.    

4.     Sub-committee on State Waste Management Policy – headed by Nesterenko Kyryll (MP). Subcommitteemen: Andriiovych Zinovii, Zadorozhnyi Andrii, Labunska Anzhelika, Lutsenko Iryna, Ovchynnykova Yuliia, Proshchuk Eduard.

5.     Sub-committee on Elimination of Chornobyl disaster’s aftermath – headed by Kryvosheiev Ihor (MP). Subcommitteemen: Andriiovych Zinovii, Labunska Anzhelika, Proshchuk Eduard, Nesterenko Kyryll, Yakymenko Pavlo.

6.     Sub-committee on Civil Defence of Population, Prevention and Elimination of Man-Made or Natural Emergencies, Management of Negative Ecological Impact Caused by ORDLO Armed Conflict – headed by Shakhov Serhii (MP). Subcommitteemen: Andriiovych Zinovii, Nesterenko Kyryll, Proshchuk Eduard, Ovchynnykova Yuliia.


Committee on Social Policy and Protection of Veterans’ Rights

The сommittee saw into a number of bills designated by the President as urgent. As a result of the consideration, the members of the committee endorsed and recommended that the parliament adopt the bills seen as a basis and in tote.

The bills are as follows:

  • No.1010 (concerning corruption exposers);
  • No.1031 (on punishment for illicitly acquired assets of PEPs);
  • No.1032 (on primary measures in reforming prosecution authorities);
  • No.1049 (on introduction of a single treasury account for taxes, duties and single contributions to compulsory state social insurance);
  • No.1051 (on amendments to Ukraine’s tax code caused by introduction of a single treasury account for taxes, duties and single contributions to compulsory state social insurance);
  • No.1057 (about uniform returns on single contributions to compulsory state social insurance and personal income taxes);
  • No.1069 (on betterments in state regulation of financial services markets), and
  • No. 1072 (as to amendments to Ukraine’s tax code caused by integrating accounts (returns) on single contributions to compulsory state social insurance and personal income taxes), whilst No.1055 (on lease of state and communal property), No.1060 (on a more streamlined procedure for business licensing) and No.1068 (on legislative amendments caused by adoption of the standardization law) – on the first reading.


Committee on State Building, Local Governance, Regional and Urban Development

Following the 6 September sitting results, the committee counselled the parliament to take the following draft bills (presidentially-designated as urgent) as a basis and in tote:

·        No.1012 on impeachment of president;

·        No.1066 on restarting of governing institutions;

·        No.1052 on a better normalization in the construction industry;

·     No.1081 on a smoother procedure for rendering administrative services in the construction industry, creation of a unified state e-system in the construction industry.

The сommittee also considered renaming a number of human settlements.


Committee on Anti-Corruption Policy

Supreme Anti-corruption Court

The сommittee recommended that the parliament adopt them as a basis and in tote amendments (the draft bill No.1025) to the law of Ukraine “On the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine” (designated by the President as urgent).

The court started its work on September 5, 2019. By the law, under the supreme court’s jurisdiction there shall soon be transferred some 3500 and odd proceedings still in hand at other courts. However, only 5% of them do concern high officials and their families. With its only 38-man complement, the supreme court shall expectedly be overloaded and then kind of paralyzed. The said amendments are aimed to cut the knot.

In addition, the amendment bill had been supported by the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO), the EU Delegation to Ukraine, the Venice Commission and other organs. Similar amendments are supposed to be introduced in the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine.


PEPs’ illicitly acquired assets

The committee also recommended the Verkhovna Rada to take it in tote the draft law No.1031 on confiscation of illicitly acquired assets of PEPs, initiated by the President. This renewed punishment instrument provides for only confiscation, without criminal conviction.

Illicit enrichment and civil forfeiture were said to only relate to civil servants.

During the discussion it was emphasized that the main purpose of this bill is not to confine officials, but to return illegal funds back to the state.

Article 290 of Ukraine’s code of criminal procedure was also amended to now read that the term of retroactivity against the illicit assets makes three years, while the period of limitation does four years (article 258 of the above code). The alternate bills Nos.1031-1 and 1031-2 were also seen into - but then refused.


Institutional mechanism of corruption prevention

The committee commended the parliament to approve it as a basis and in tote the draft bill No.1029 aimed to boost the performance of the institutional mechanism for corruption prevention. The bill was initiated by the President of Ukraine.

The bill is to bring about a long-awaited restart of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) that provides for a single executive in charge of the agency’s decisions. The above chief is to be elected by a six-person contest commission equally staffed by appointees of the Cabinet and international organizations.

The alternative bill No.1029-1 was reviewed - and rejected.

With the following amendments the said bill No.1029 was advised to be taken as a basis and in tote: more international experts in the process of electing the NACP’s head – the head is regarded elected once a majority of the contest commission voted for him provided its bench is halved between local and international experts; a 45-day selection period given to the Cabinet of Ministers to choose its promotee for the post is to be extended up to 60 days; and some more.